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These Classes are Canceled

Until September

Monday               8:15 am  STRONG FOREVER           The Branch Connection

                             9:30 am  Water Works                       FB Natatorium  ***

                             11:00 am Balanced Bodies               The Branch Connection

                             6:00 pm  Acquapole Premium          FB Natatorium  ***


Tuesday               7:15 am Deep Water                         FB Natatorium  ***

                             9:00 am Everyone's Yoga                  The Branch Connection

                             10:00 am Balanced Bodies                The Branch Connection

Wednesday          9:30 am Water Works                        FB Natatorium  ***

                              6:00 Acquapole Premium                  FB Natatorium  ***


Thursday               7:15 am Deep Water                         FB Natatorium   ***

                               9:00 am Everyone's Yoga                 The Branch Connection

                               10:00 am Balanced Bodies               The Branch Connection

Friday                     11:00 am Aqua Boogie                     FB Natatorium***

Water Works incorporates aerobics, strength, balance and flexibility all into one class.  Expect the unexpected, as the class changes to include brain plasticity, intervals and more.

Deep Water Fitness Training

Deep water training provides a different training protocol  You are suspended in

the deep end of the pool with flotation equipment so that your core is constantly working.  No impact on joints along with cardio, makes this a great workout.

Acquapole Premium Fitness

This new and exciting class that uses a stationary pole in the water.  You will hit

and kick the boxing bag.  Then, remove the bag and use the pole for core

strength, cardio and fun.  We are the ONLY facility in DFW that offers Acquapole classes.

Aqua Boogie

Come and start your weekend with a water workout that is both challenging

and fun.

*** Denotes a fee

Each class has a monthly fee of $32 for members and $36 for non-members.  Aqua Boogie is $16 for members and $20 for non-members, as it is only once a week.

However, you can purchase an 8 class, Your Time & Your Way pass that allows

you to attend any class at any time for a period of 90 days.  $40 member $44 non-member

AquaFitness Pass is $40 for members and $44 for non-members for 8 classes. This pass allows access to the "Premium" Acquafitness classes.  Acquapole classes held on Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm are premium classes.

Your Time & Your Way

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